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Introducing Rediffmail Enterprise Pro now gives you the advantage of extending your email solution business to large corporates and capitalize on the rising adoption of cloud enterprise email solutions.


White Labelled
Company's logo on the webmail.
No need to delete mails anymore.

Superior Admin Control
Management of global address book,
mailing list and bulk users. 

SSL enabled secure and encrypted 
mail transmission.
Mailbox Storage
Variable mail box size as per requirement for the same domain (200MB to 25GB).

Email Backup
Ability to restore a deleted mailbox
or even a single mail. 
Mail on Mobile
Mail app for popular mobile plaforms 
(Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, J2ME, Java.) 

Domain Policies
Facility to set mail policies and 
restrictions for the company

Complete Mail Sync
Uniform view of mailbox across webmail,
outlook and mobile devices.

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